Physician Attendant App provides effective, secure, and reliable communication tool for health systems to improve physician satisfaction and build stronger relationship with staff and affiliated physicians. 

Emergency Communication

In case of emergency events affecting the hospital or organization, calling or paging physicians is very inefficient and slow. Use Physician Attendant App to send instant notification to all or group of physicians.


  Health System Updates

Keeping busy physicians informed is a challenge for healthcare organizations. Traditional methods of communication like meetings, emails are not efficient tools. Physician Attendant app provides effective tool to keep all staff physicians and affiliated physicians informed.   

  • Easy access to health system news and announcements

  • Calendar of events, meetings, continuing education relevant to your health system

  • Quick access to tools and links customized to your health system

  • Publish customized updates such as staff recognitions, quality reports, pharmacy or IT updates, etc

QUICK ACCESS TO call center

Physicians can use one click to call health system call center or use secure messaging for even more efficient communication and get help from your health system call center. 








Physician Attendant allows healthcare organization and staff physicians to build stronger relation with referring providers.  

  • Access to your health system referral information and forms

  • Referring physicians can use secure messaging to communicate with health system staff physicians

  • Referring physicians can securely message health system call center. [96% of smartphone users text (Acision). 64% of consumers are likely to have positive perception of a company that offers messaging as communication channel (Harris Poll)]

  • Quick push button to call health system referral phone line

  • Referring physicians can use Find a Physician to look up physicians

  • Referring physicians can bookmark favorite physicians for quick access