Provider Communication

The opportunity to be more effective

Providers today may end up using unsecure methods of communication (SMS) when there is no option for secure messaging, because providers find messaging more efficient than other methods (pagers / calling) of communication.



  • Improves provider productivity with efficient, reliable, and secure communication; and eliminates risk of sending PHI through unsecured channels.
  • Physician Attendant allows one-to-one and group messaging.
  • Physician Attendant alerts user of new message, instantly.


Controlled Notifications

Care Coordination – Transition of Care

PHYSICIAN ATTENDANT™ helps with successful transition of care and reduces readmissions with secure patient notifications.

Uses hospital ADT feed to send patient admit / discharge notifications to appropriate providers (hospitalists, primary-family providers, specialists, extended care, authorized care team staff).

Expedites consults and referrals by sending automated secure notifications to providers and eliminate pagers and phone tag.

Automated Secure Notifications

  • Automated secure notifications
  • ED/Inpatient Admission/Discharge Consults
  • Lab results/discharge summaries  
  • Custom notifications


Organizational Control

Organization notifications and enterprise messaging when you need it most

In case of emergency events affecting the hospital calling or paging physicians is very inefficient, slow and ineffective.

Our easy to deploy, secure, and efficient method of communicating emergency events and organization updates to all users and/or specific group of users.


Nurses, Pharmacy, and Clinical Staff

Nurses and clinical staff can use Physician Attendant to communicate with each other. Nurses can communicate with physicians securely and efficiently about patient updates instead of paging and playing phone tag with physicians.

  • Improves provider productivity with efficient, reliable, and secure communication; and eliminates risk of sending PHI through unsecured channels.
  • Physician Attendant allows one-to-one and group messaging.
  • Physician Attendant alerts user of new message, instantly.


Connected to Everyone

Provider Directory

Physician Attendant provides quick access to providers directory from multiple organizations. Staff physicians, referring physicians, affiliated physicians, and staff can search by name, specialty, location, quick filters like surgeons, non pediatrics.

Physician detail includes name, photo, specialty, office phone, fax, appointment phone, address, preferred # for physicians, professional bio, education-training, memberships, treatments/services, diseases/conditions, languages.


A more effective tool

Keep providers updated

Keeping staff physicians, affiliated, and referring    physicians updated is a challenge    for     organizations. Traditional methods of    meetings, emails and pages are not efficient.    Physician    Attendant provides effective and secure tools to keep all health providers    informed in-the-moment.

Build Relationship with Referring Providers

Physician Attendant allows health organization and staff physicians to build stronger relationship with referring providers.

Provide Concierge Service for Physicians

Physician Attendant allows staff physicians and affiliated / referring providers to securely message organization call center instead of wasting time trying to call into the call center.